Big Apple Burlesque

New York Burlesque Style


Big Apple Burlesque is dedicated to the excess of New York city, in its grandeur, monumental size, and its citizens who enjoy a good burlesque show. It is our goal to embody the glitz and glamour of the city and its many styles of art, but especially that of burlesque dancing. The art form has changed somewhat since its inception; burlesque referred to show of satire and pomp that made fun of the well-to-do people in Britain at the time. When the style came to the United States its bawdiness was emphasized and the rich were no longer the target of its attentions.

The style has remained somewhat similar to what it was many years ago. The giant feathers, hanging jewelry, and confused wardrobe of skimp and swath continue to be burlesque statements of fashion and style. Many names from the industry’s past stick with us today; in fact many of the dancers of almost 100 years ago still have active followings.

As business professionals we understand the amount of planning, coordination, and shear volume of people that it takes when producing a burlesque show. We understand your needs; from backstage drama (which we prefer to avoid), to poor management (which we also prefer to avoid), to excellent production staff, stage hands, and the like. We used our understanding of the profession and its needs when we built this website.

It is our goal to be a hub at which industry professionals can gather; we invite business owners, dancers, stage hands, and any other professional in the burlesque industry to join us here in this ongoing conversation.