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Section 1 – Policies

I. We reserve the right to select advertisers that we deem appropriate for this website. If your content is not deemed appropriate we will give you changes that you would need to make (if at all possible). See Section 3 – Inappropriate Content for the kinds of content we do not accept.

II. We primarily select advertisers that are related in some way to the burlesque industry, whether it is products, events, or other. However, if your product, service, or trade is not related to burlesque and you think that our viewers would like to see what you have we encourage you to apply for advertising.

III. Even though this is a website focused on burlesque and its industry, we do not allow nudity or pornography on the public portions of at all in any form.

Section 2 – Use

I. If you are selected for an advertising slot on this website it is your responsibility to pay for that slot in a timely manner. If you have not paid within 7 business days of securing the slot you will forfeit the slot to another advertiser.

Section 3 – Inappropriate Content

I. As above, we do not allow nudity or pornography on the public parts of this website ( at all for any reason.

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