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Posted by on Aug 16, 2013

While this community is primarily about burlesque, it is nice from time to time to look at similar art forms. Today we’ll be looking at boudoir photography. In a sense boudoir photography is a still form of burlesque that is purposefully designed for the subject’s significant other. This kind of privacy and intimacy is a very beautiful thing. I found a video below that showcases different methods of posing for real women, “not those little stick figures, real women”, to quote a line from the video.

In response to the presenter’s statement I have to say that I think that every woman is a real woman regardless of weight or size.

The above host is here in New York, but I would like to highlight a photographer friend of mine who is out in Denver, Co. Frances provides compelling and intimate photos for clients that are quite stunning, or so I’m told. Somehow it seems like she manages to be everywhere at once, providing perfect photos for the perfect day: wedding and boudoir photography by Denver’s premier photographer.

Here are some examples of her work from her gallery. These are the least revealing that I could find… 😉



I’ve found some other resources for those who are thinking about getting a boudoir shoot done for their significant other. I have to encourage it as I think it is one of the more sensual and beautiful things a person can do for the love of their life.

Here are 5 posing techniques for problem areas: click here.

Some thoughts on how to prepare physically and mentally: click here.

If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to answer. 😉

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